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Anatomy of a Separation, Drama / Thriller, 90 Min.

Philipp Hochmair_Laila Reischer

"I'd die if I leave you,

but I die if I stayed..."



ANATOMY OF A SEPARATION circles around the topic of emotional dependency. It tells the story of a dysfunctional and destructive love relationship.




When the successful risk manager MAYA (28) meets the lawyer STEPHAN (35) at a convention, she frigidly declares to him that there is no chance to win her heart. Maya simple sees any kind of personal commitment as a loose of time. The two start a detached sexual affair without any obligations or feelings involved.


Things start to change when Maya all of a sudden receives a call from her older sister SIGRID (30), who is about to get married. The unexpected message seems to make Maya uncomfortable. She asks Stephan to join her on her travel back home to a tiny valley in the Alps. Stephan agrees to the invitation, interpreting it as a sign that their relationship develops. He secretly has been hoping for a relationship with Maya.


When arriving at the airport in Innsbruck all signs forecast a turbulent holiday. The luggage of the couple gets lost and Maya has to re-sign Stephan’s rental car contract, as he forgot his driving license. Arriving in the abandoned apartment house of Maya’s dead mother, Stephan is keen to spend also quality time with Maya. He takes on Maya’s Blackberry to avoid interfering calls from abroad. Compensating pressure from work, Stephan likes to be in control of things. Maya let it happen to arrange herself for Stephan’s commitment.


The couple shares intimate moments and at Sigrid’s wedding the locals are impressed by the glamorous couple, two young locals envy them. Sigrid meanwhile is relieved to see Maya after a long while. The two have not been talking since Maya left years ago. In Sigrid’s eyes, Maya has „made it“, as she has always been the smart one. She has left the past behind. Sigrid, on the other hand, is marrying MAGNUS who is also running the siblings family’s farmyard after the death of both their parents.


As time progresses Stephan opens up to Maya about his plans of a serious relationship. He wants to give it a real try and settle down with Maya. Maya is overwhelmed by his unexpected move. Fear arises in her and trying to get out of the situation she pleads that she has been offered a job abroad and wants to accept it. Stephan is deeply hurt and the situation escalates.



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