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43 DAYS, Drama, 90 Minutes, based on a true story


Writer’s Intention | 43 DAYS


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43 DAYS is a drama and semi-autobiographical account. It particularly illuminates the struggles of 5 rehab patients who
undergo a 43-days-long program in a public rehab centre in Austria. The film accompanies the patient ISA and her companions in misfortune VERONIKA, URSULA, HANNES, ALEXANDRA and KURT, and treats a growing socio-political issue of Austria’s society:
Increasing mental illnesses such as depression, burn out, bipolar disorders and post-traumatic stress syndrome and their treatment in special rehab centers. The story gives an insight into the daily routine of people with mental issues and shows their resistance, conflicts, challenges, crisis as well as their healing process and personal growing.

The projects aims at enhancing the tolerance and understanding of mental illnesses in our society, as it often comes along with a stigma and outlawing. I want to create empathy within the audience of the film and show a part of our society that hasn’t been explored and integrated as much as it should. Neither do I want to banalize nor simplify the sobriety of mental illnesses, but want to create an entrance and wide-eyed, decent insight into a current topic of our society.

Living and working with these people for two months myself, I gained a very exclusive and intense insight into the topic. I want to keep the story authentic and closest as possible to the real situation in the centers. I was especially fascinated by the dynamics, the formation of groups and alliances, the psychological process the patients go through - from heavy resistance to breakdowns - and finally the healing process that is the solid base for a positive future.



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