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After the Brexit  Dystopia, 90 Minutes, written & directed by Laila Alina Reischer

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AFTER THE BREXIT imposes and applicates the physical law of action and reaction, confronting citizens who refuse to accept migrants in their country to face the rebound to become migrants themselves, offenders all of a sudden becoming victims and shifts in power due to power abuse and the natural reaction of revenge.


The script was developed with the friendly support of TORINO SCRIPT LAB 2018.

Writer’s Intention | AFTER THE BREXIT


The story of AFTER THE BREXIT is set in the near future in 2021, where we will find ourselves in a Europe that has undergone radical political changes after the Brexit.


Subsequently to the event of the European Union failing to find a reasonable consensus regarding the migration issue, the Southern world countries stroke back inducing a multiple nation emigration and invading Europe over the Bosporus in a mass movement, declaring war to the European Union countries.


The film starts when the Southern world countries have already conquest Spain and start to invade France, forcing civilian people to leave for other countries and making them migrants themselves. The European Union has fallen apart after the first invasion in 2020, and the nations Germany, Italy and Austria created a new league, the so-called “Trium Alliance” (T.A.). In 2021 the T.A. agrees on a new form of radical migration policy and establishes a new law that declares every human being that was born outside a former European Union country to a “landless”. All landless are collected by a special T.A. force and brought to transit centers. The only way to gain T.A. citizenship is a marriage with a European citizen based upon pure love, a verdict that can only be judged by special female T.A. agents.


In the middle of this political storm, the Iraqi landless AMAL (27) together with her brother BASSAM (23) is collected and brought to a T.A. transit center. There she gets to meet the French T.A. guard REESE (39), whom himself had to flee from his homeland due to the invasion of the Southern World troops. Reese brought also his terminally ill mother GRACE (60), who he is taking care of. While Reese, who has no own family yet and who has devoted all his previous life to his ill mother, is willing to marry the beautiful Iraqi woman, Amal is torn to leave her brother behind.

The story of AFTER THE BREXIT is told from the point of view of Amal, a strong Arabian woman, torn in between the ones she loves due to nationalities and origins. We will follow Amal in her struggle to find a new home and at once leaving behind her own origins.


The world of the story is placed in European countries such as Austria, Italy and Albania, worlds that look like ours but yet aren’t. Slight but sharp futuristic details are woven into the story, to give us a sense of a threatening possible future Europe.


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